Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making A Cone Tree

This year I am in need of some new sheet music decor to mix into my gold and silver color scheme.  I have seen these cone trees and decided to attempt to make my own using sheet music.  You can make your own using any type of paper medium that fits your decor.  Check back after the first of December to see my cone trees used in this year's Christmas decor.

Cone form (you can use styrofoam but I did the paper mache...they are much cheeper)
Hot glue gun & glue
Round object to curl your paper...I used the handle of a wooden spoon

I chose to glitter the bottom edge of my paper.  For that you'll also need white glue, glitter, a small brush and a paper plate.


1. Cut your paper into two inch strips

2. (Optional) Glitter the bottom edge of your paper.  The easiest way I found to do this was to pour  a puddle of white glue onto a paper plate.  I gently tapped the bottom edge of my paper strip into the glue.

3. I dumped a pile of glitter into a paper box lid.  I took my glued piece and tapped (sometime dragged) in through the glitter.  Applying the glue and glitter this way gave a fairly even amount of glitter along the edge.

4. Set the strips aside to dry.

5. After the strips are dry, roll them horizontally around a round object to curl them a little.

6. Cut horizontal fringe into the strip of paper.  Cut them about one inch high.

7. Using a hot glue gun begin applying the strips around the cone.  Start at the bottom and work your way up.  I glue in one to two in sections.  this allowed me to fold and tuck the top of the strip to keep the paper going evening around the top.  Once you get going you'll get into a groove and it becomes fairly easy. 

8. Be creative when you get to the very top.  Wrap it in a similiar fashion, trimming and gluing it as needed to cover the entire cone structure. 

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  1. Donnie, I miss you. Hope to be invited to the big soiree that is your Christmas open house. Love you. Rebecca S.