Saturday, October 8, 2011

Use Words With Your Theme

Sometimes it's fun to tie a specific word into your decor plans.  One of my favorites to use is BELIEVE.  There are many ways to incorporate your word of choice into your design.  This particular example utilizes paper mache letters that can be purchased from a craft supply store.  This is a great item to use that allows you to personalize them however you'd like.  The pieces typcially come in a plain brown kraft paper finish.  You add the personal touch to it to make it fit the design scheme your after.

Most of the time I'll paint my paper mache pieces with a simple acrylic paint.  It usually takes me two coats to get a nice, even coverage. 

Of course most things I make aren't complete without having some glitter added to give it that Christmas sparkle.  This is one application when I use my simply glittering method.  Forget dragging out the messing glue and glitter.  I use the spray on hair glitter that I purchase on sale after Halloween and give each letter an even spray.  Let it dry and your letters are all set.

I've got plans to incorporate a few more words this year.  Here are a few other words to consider.

Joy  ~ Peace ~ Ho Ho Ho ~ Noel ~ Jolly ~ Merry ~ Yuletide ~ Comfort ~ Tidings ~ Wonderland

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