Friday, December 30, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time...To Be Buying For Next Year

Wow...Talk about a busy Christmas.  I'm behind on blogging but back just in time to remind you that this is the best time EVER to be out searching for great buys on next year's holiday decor items.  This is the exact time that I begin digging through the messy piles of leftover Christmas decor on the shelves.  You can get amazing buys on things at 50% off or more.  I rarely ever pay full price for anything that I use to decorate.  Often times I start planning next year's color schemes based on new pieces I find on Christmas clearance.  I found some cool new ornaments at a very unexpected store...I'll share them with you below.

I buy very little when it's only 50% off because I'd like a better bargain than that.  Waiting for the discount to be higher usually means that the selection has been picked over BUT that's when you find some of them more random/not so traditional items/colors left on the shelf.  This is the perfect time to buy something new and different that you normally wouldn't ever think to buy.  People often don't ever think outside the box when decorating.  Step out and try something new.  You'll find lots of great things to use as a starting point because everyone leaves the more unique items behind.

Here's a perfect example of a great find.  A friend invited me to join her on a trip to an outlet mall.  She was on a mission to find a new coat so I went along for the ride.  We passed by the storefront of Coldwater Creek.  This store is primarily a more upscale clothing store for women.  We hopped in, hoping she would find a coat.  I wasn't aware that they sold much more than clothing but was surprised to find a small shelf that had 50% off Christmas items.  Hanging right on the display was a grouping of really cool gold moon and sun ornaments.  At half off they were about $1.25 a piece.  It was a deal that I couldn't pass up.  I usually buy ornament in groups of 3's or 5's but in this case I bought all they had on the shelf.

I'm never in a hurry to take down Christmas each year and I'll often come home after finding some great new clearance ornaments and put a few up them up.  One of these moons made it up onto the mantel to enjoy a little time as part of Christmas 2011...LOL 

If you're looking for something new to add to your decor for next year then hurry out and start shopping.  I got some great deals while out yesterday.  Check your local Kohl's...mine had Christmas 75% off yesterday. 

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Jewel Tone Bathroom

I knew what my plans were for the bathroom way back in January.  I purchased everything that I used in there on clearance from KMart after Christmas last year.  It was all a part of the Jaqueline Smith line, in colors of gold, hot pink, rose, plum and purple.  I purchased quite a bit of what was on the shelf but only used about half of it on this tree.  I would guess that what you see in these pics costs about $15-20.  Why was all of this great stuff still on the shelf at 80-90% off?  Because most people can't imagine how they would use such color combinations.

This tree was purchased over ten years ago from Dollar General for about $20.

I made the swag over the window (which also hides the cords to the lights) by twisting together left over branches from the tree.

Don't forget to save ornaments while decorating the tree so you can also decorate around the rest of the room.

Here is a matching garland that I purchased with the rest of the set.  I took wire cutters and cut of small sections and used them as picks in the tree and garland.  I also purchased a matching wreath that I'll use some other year when I use these colors in a larger room.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fill 'Em Up...Easy Ornaments

I am always trying to find ways to create something new without spending a ton of money.  I love to use the plain, clear glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby.  One year I decided to decorate the inside of the ornament rather than the outside.  You can fill these great ornaments with an endless number of things.  I was going for the sparkle with these particular ornaments so I filled them with irredescent snow.  They are really easy to make and look amazing with the lights from your tree, wreath or garland shining through.

Clear glass ornaments
Ornament filler
Small funnel
Pen, pencil, long nail, etc. (something to poke filling through)

  • Remove cap from ornament
  • Insert the funnel into the mouth of the ornament

  • Pour filling into the funnel and down into the ornament.  You can fill them as little or as much as you'd like.
    • You will likely need some sort of utensil (pen, pencil, long nail, etc) to lightly force your filling through the bottom of the funnel and into the ornament

  • Replace the cap and your ornament is ready to hang.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Featured CD - Martina McBride

I found a treasure this year as I was digging through the large pile of Christmas CDs that I own.  I discovered Martina McBrides Christmas CD titled "White Christmas" in my collection when I started listening to Christmas msuic this year.  I know that I remember seeing this CD before but I don't remember ever listening to it.  I'm not a huge fan of much country music so that may be why. 

Let me just say that I've come to realize that I have been missing out all this time.  This CD has become one of my absolute favorites this year.  I listened to it over and over in the house while I was working around on projects.  Then I took it to work and ripped it to my computer to listen to it then.  After that, it mades it's way to the car where it's been playing ever since.

I love the song "Silver Bells" and it's not one that many artists put on their CD's.  It is on this CD and is one of the songs that I play over and over.  I'm extremely glad that I accidentally started listening to this CD this year.

You can sample and buy this CD at Amazon.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Krinkles

I've blogged about Krinkles by Patience Brewster and the AMAZING Krinkle tree that I own.  I like to keep things mixed up every year so I don't use the Krinkles every year.  I haven't had them out in a few years and some people had been asking about them so this year is a Krinkle year.  I own a large variety of Krinkles but don't display all of them.  Here are some of the pics of the pieces that I used in this year's music room decor.  There are more but I'll save those for later.

I apologize for posting such big pictures.  I wanted to be sure you could see the detail of these fun ornaments.

Here are the cute cake plates I had blogged about earlier.  They may great platforms to display some of my collection.  Aren't they adorable with the little shoes?

I love these little ornament people.  They are new for me this year.  I think they're perfect on this long serving tray.

Krinkle drum table and shelf.  The shelf has a cute head along with arms and legs.  I decided not to use the entire shelf this year.

This display piece was inspired by one of the first ornaments produced by Department 56.  I've owned the table for some years now but the ornament was long retired when I purchased it.  I was very lucky to find the ornament on eBay this year and added it to my collection.

Isn't he cute?  LOL

Close ups of the Krinkle tree.

Close ups of the Krinkle tree

Close ups of the Krinkle tree.  Notice the cute shoes!

Close ups of the Krinkle tree. Notice the cute shoes!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Black & White Bedroom

My bedroom has been painted five different times since I've owned my house.  There wasn't a white room in the house until three years ago.  After four other color schemes had graced the bedroom walls, I caved and painted white just to be different.  I love it and haven't touched it since.  The first year I did all clear glass and last year the tree itself was black (to compliment the new black crystal chandelier) with clear glass and silver. 

This year I went with my chandelier tree (upside down that hangs freely from the ceiling) with everything black and white.  I used feathers in this room.  I'll blog later on how to incorporate them into your holiday decor.  Enjoy this year's Black & White bedroom! 

Upside down tree, suspended from the ceiling to compliment the chandelier.

I added wreaths and ornaments, hung with ribbon in my empty frames.


Beads can be used in a different way when on an upside down tree.  Because they hang freely, I often hang them in single strands, downward instead of swagging from branch to branch.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorate With Memories

Several years ago I was surfing around eBay for Christmas decorations and ran across something very close to my heart.  I found a box of vintage ornaments that had about six blue glass bells in it.  My eyes teared up because there was something very significant about those particular ornaments.  I was instantly reminded that my grandma once had these same blue bells.  I was suddenly flooded with memories...things that hadn't crossed my mind in years.

As a kid I would help my grandma put up all of her Christmas decorations.  She and I were very close and had the most amazing relationship.  It hadn't been all that long before this eBay find that she had passed away.  All of the sudden, something as simple as an ornament from the past had stirred my heart.  Of course I paid whatever price necessary to win that box of blue bell ornaments.  That began a new love for me...vintage ornaments.

My tree...Just like grandma's
That year I was determined to recreate grandma's tree in one of my rooms.  With a little help from my mom I was able to find a picture from years back with grandma's tree in the background.  I went on another eBay shopping quest and was lucky to find nearly every component of her tree...even down to the satin wrapped ornaments that ALWAYS came unwrapped. 

I accessorised the room with other reclaimed Christmas items from my childhood.  It was a pretty amazing room...if to no one else but myself.  Standing there, gazing upon that tree was almost like sharing one more Christmas with grandma.

From that year forward I have placed one blue bell somewhere throughout most rooms in my house...whether is matches the rest of the decor or not (which if you know me you know that is against anything I'd normally ever do...LOL).  In fact, there are a couple rooms where you'll find that special bell hanging all year round.  It serves as a wonderful reminder of someone I love and miss so much.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Silver & Gold Living Room

My Open House has come and gone so now it's fair game to post pics of the house.  I'll post each room in a seperate post.  These pics are of my living room.  I went with a gold and silver color palette and added in some handmade ornaments made from sheet music. 

The tree is the new Jim Shore display tree that I purchased this year on eBay.  I love the individual rings that allow you to see through.  I placed ornaments inside the tree, hanging from the spokes of each ring.

The pine spray above the round mirror was made by piecing together branches from an old artificial tree.

Notice all the gold picture frame thoughout the room.  Most belonged to my aunt.  I saved them from being put into an auction when she passed away.  Places like Goodwill and Salvation Army are great places to find similiar things.  Pitch the picture and save the frame.

The large cardboard books and paper light up church were great finds at my local Marshall's and TJ Max.  Those are usually things you can find on the shelves on clearance after Christmas.

I love this piece.  It is a greenhouse made from a reclaimed window.

I slid a dowel rod through the top and then used curling ribbon to tie and hang ornaments.

I always decorate above my windows in the living room.  Notice the large ornaments hanging from beads.  Most people are afraid to purchase such big pieces but they are great when used in the right places.  These particular ornaments were purchased at Menards after Christmas a few years ago.  They were probably about $2.00 a piece.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Krinkles: Tableware

Over the years the Krinkles line has evolved beyond just ornaments.  You can also purchase things like embroidered tea towels, trinket boxes, stockings, etc.  Also a part of the Krinkles line is are really fun tableware.  There are some fun ceramic pieces that feature the typical Krinkle high heal shoes as the base.  A few of the pieces that I have fallen in love with are the cake plates, serving trays and cupcake holders. 

Cupcake Holders

I will likely never use these to serve food but will use them to decorate in a heartbeart. 
I rotate my design schemes each year and only pull out a mix of the Krinkles every few years.  This happens to be one of those years.  I plan on using my cake plates as the platform to display other Krinkle pieces.  Check back after my December 2nd open house to see pics of my cake plates in action.

While some of these pieces are retired, others can be purchased from places like Angelic Dreamz, Grandin Road and eBay

Salt & Pepper Shakers