Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Cricut Expression...My New Best Friend

I always make a small amount of items each year as I plan to decorate but for some reason this year I am making a lot of things.  I had already begun working on some of my handmade things when I got the life changing email from Joann Fabrics (which is an amazing email list to be on because of the great coupons you can get...go sign up

This particular email was advertising the CRICUT EXPRESSION machine.  I have seen these machines before but never really given much thought to them.  For some reason I noticed this ad and began investigating.  I did lots of research online and even made several trips to Joann's with the intent of buying the machine...always talking myself out of it each time.

The sale price was pretty decent but I kept going back and forth on whether or not it was an investment I wanted to make.  I was standing in the store while on my 4th or 5th visit, talking to my mother on the phone.  She finally said, You had better just get it now if you want it that bad.  You know you'll come back and it will be gone and then you'll really be disappointed."  So...I bought it.

This machine has changed my life.  Not only do I dispise cutting out piece after piece with scissors, I am not the most precise cutter in the world.  The outcome is always a little crooked or lopsided.  This machine was worth every penny...even if I only used it when it came time for me to create for Christmas.

Here are some of the details posted on Joann Fabrics website about the CRICUT EXPRESSION

An exciting way to cut letters, shapes, and phrases in impressive sizes using the 12" x 24" mat or the 12" x 12" mat. The possibilities are endless with this larger machine, allowing you to create bigger die cuts for classroom decor, scrapbook layouts, signage, and so much more.

    • Mix and match creative features in the same cut
    • Use the entire library of existing Cricut cartridges
    • Cut portrait or landscape
    • Includes 1 mat: 12''x12''
    • Includes 2 cartridges: Plantin SchoolBook Font Cartridge & Accent Essentials Shape Sampler Cartridge
    • No computer necessary
    • Change settings such as language and units of measure
    • New LCD screen that shows exactly what you're typing for your next cut.

If you are a scrapbooker or make as many things as I do, this machine is something you should consider purchasing.  So far I have cut to my little heart out...making ornaments and even embelishing the outside of a care package.  Here are a few pics of some of the things I have created using this cutting maching from heaven.  LOL

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