Friday, October 7, 2011

Simple Wreath Making

Making your own wreath is very simple but something so many never attempt on their own.  There are so many choices at your local craft store when it comes to picking out exactly what you'd like to have on your wreath. 

While shopping with a friend last night she mentioned that she wanted a fall wreath for her front door but really disliked the ones that were full of stuff like leaves and sunflowers.  I talked her into making her own (which turned into me taking it home and making it for her) so she could get exactly what she was looking for.  This is not a Christmas wreath but the steps to make it are similair to how I decorate my holiday wreaths.

This particular wreath was really easy to make, required very few pieces and best of all...cost about $14. 

Here's all that we purchased to make this great wreath.

1 grapevine wreath
2 fall berry sprays
1 wine colored bush of some feathered plant
1 plastic pumpkin pick

I also needed a little bit of wire along with a pair of needlenose pliers to cut wires and bend stems.


1. Start layering your pieces from bottom to top (what you want to appear on top of what), outside in to the center.  I wanted the berries in the background as filler and something that just extended out past the ends of the arrangments so I put one spray on each end where I wanted the arrangment to end.

2. Next I took the wine colored feathered bush and seperated each stem with wire cutters.  Then I begin layering them on top of the berries but still placing them in towards the center of the area I was decorating.  Be careful not to put your pieces in so that that each side is a mirrored image of the other.  Add some visual interest by throwing off the balance of things a little.

3. The final touch for this particular wreath was the pumpkin in the center of the arrangement.  I was careful at the beginning to lay out my pieces and eye exactly how much room I had to work with to fill the area adequately. 

I used a little wire here and there to anchor things down since I knew that this wreath was going to make it on to someone's front door.  I don't want any of these pieces blowing away in the wind.  Maybe I'll get a pic to share once Melissa's gets it hung.

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