Saturday, October 15, 2011

Krinkles by Patience Brewster

I typically always keep my holiday decor schemes fairly formal and cohesive.  You won't ever see me filling a tree full of snowmen or sock monkey ornaments.  I do however have a huge love for a line of seasonal decor called Krinkles.  They are my all time favorite and something that I'm always happy to splurge on.

The Krinkles collection by Patience Brewster is brimming with wit and imagination and filled with quirky and endearing characters. The collection includes stockings, ornaments, figures, table top, and more including the new nativity Collection. Krinkles are guaranteed to charm and delight all.

Patience Brewster got her start as a children's book illustrator.  She then branched out with her artwork with a line of greeting cards.  She was discovered by Department 56 who took her illustrations and created Krinkles by Patience Brewster.  This line included little people dressed as Christmas icons as well as animals dressed for the holiday.  A well known feature on all the pieces were their fancy little shoes.

I first discovered Christmas Krinkles when I was hired to work in the Trim-A-Home department for Bergners.  That year Department 56 had produced a full sized Krinkles display tree.  The base of that tree was supported by four red high heel shoes.  I was hooked from that moment and bought the tree.
The rest is history.  I've been decorating with Krinkles ever since.  I will randomly feature some of my favorite pieces from Patience Brewster.  I'll also show you how I incorporate them into my holiday decorating.

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