Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paper Rosette Ornaments

I use a lot of printed music in my Christmas decor.  I typically photo copy Christmas carols from a hymnal when creating ornaments with music but this time I have cut straight out of a vintage hymnal (gasp) that I saved from the trash pile. 

These paper rosette ornaments were a lot of fun to plan and execute.  The materials for these rosette ornaments can be adapted to match any design plans you have need for.  They can also be personalized and given as gifts or used a tie-ons for gifts that you are giving.  I'm very excited to add these to my arsenal of decor for 2011.

You can create these rosettes out of so many different types of materials.  The medaliion possibilities for this project are also endless.  You may have a specific sticker, clipping from a magazine, photograph...anything you choose.  Coordinate all of your pieces and parts and then follow the instructions below to make these amazing ornaments.  I plan on making these out of some other materials and will be sure to post pics.

Disclaimer:  I do not make a regular pracice of harming innocent hymnals.  I own more  hymnals that I can keep track of and this particular one was pulled from a pile of free books that was about to find a new home in the trash can.  PLEASE do not steal a hymnal from your pew this Sunday.  LOL

Paper choices
Glue stick
Hot glue gun and glue


1. Cut two 2 inch wide strips from your primary paper choice.  I cut mine from a vintage hymnal so my two strips were 8 inches long.

2.  Accordian fold both strips from one end to the other.  The folds on mine are approximately half an inch.

3.  Glue the two strips together at the end using a glue stick.  Be careful that your print is going in the same direction.

4.  Glue the other ends of the strips together, forming a ring.

5. Using cardstock, cut a three inch circle for the back support of the ornament as well as your backing for the center medallion.  You'll also need to cut out the face of your medallion (unless you're using a sticker or other pre-exsisting item)

6.  Gather and flatten the pleated piece forming the rosette.

7. Apply some hot glue around the rosette and attach your 3 inch back support.  You'll want to be sure to apply glue to several place around the rosette to ensure it will stick firmly to the support.

8. Piece together and attach all the pieces to your medallion. 

9.  Apply medallion to the from of the rosette using hot glue.

10.  Create a hanger by either glueing ribbon to the back of the piece OR punch a hole through the piece of support paper and run your hanger of choice through the hole.

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