Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome With A Wreath

A wreath is often a homes way of saying "welcome" as guests make their way to enter.  Wreaths are most often thought to be made of pine and twig but can be made up of some many other creative materials.  They can be found at all times of the year, made from various items and shapes.

From Country Door
While traditionally thought to best be used on an entryway, wreaths can be used in so many different ways.  Place a wreath above the mantel, in front of a mirror, on interior doors and windows.  You can also hang or place small wreaths in other places around the house.  Hang them over door knobs, tie them to chair backs with ribbon.  I often place a wreath flat on a table and decorate around and inside.  The possibilities are endless. 

Fall is another perfect time of year to use wreaths.  If your front (or back) door is bare or you've got an empty mirror over your mantel, bring a little attention to it with an amazing wreath.

From Country Door

From Country Door

I frequent a store called COUNTRY DOOR often throughout the year for random things for my home.  The boxwood chair wreath and Fall & Halloween wreath pictured above can be purchased from them.  Visit their site and check out all the great seasonal wreaths they offer along with other great home decor items.  Request a catalog and you're sure to find some very neat things for your home.

As I continue to blog, I will share images of a wide array of wreath options.  I'll also share with you how I reuse the same plain wreaths from year to year, simply redecorating them to match the rooms I'm using them in.  Maybe one will catch your eye and inspire you to add a wreath or two to your decor.

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